Back to the Family

Arthur is an enthusiastic and highly motivated real estate professional with a warm personality and a genuine love of real estate. He completed his master degree at Monash University, with a background of business risk management. His strong knowledge of business enables him to build a solid understanding of customer relationship and offering clients the upmost care.

“My primary goal is to build a successful business and lasting customer relationship.” says Arthur. “Property sales is not only about selling a property, but based on trust, excellent communication and focus on customer needs, helping customers to find their dream home and achieve best possible results.

Arthur has lived in Melbourne for over seven years. He is multilingual in both Mandarin and English, which allows him to gain intrinsic knowledge of both western and eastern culture and interpersonal relationships with every customer. Arthur has a positive attitude and desire to delivery quality property products. He is also a progressive thinker, a person who always wants to walk out of his comfort zone.

Apart from working, Arthur loves playing sports such as soccer and swimming. He also likes to spend time watching movies and reading.