Why Bolt

We focus more on providing a total property service solution, which aims to make your experience as easy and stress free as possible, than just selling properties. Whatever your needs in the business of real estate, you can feel secure in the knowledge that we have you covered. Our team is experienced, passionate and empowered. The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.


We have a comprehensive client database with whom inspects or contacts Bolt. Therefore, we already have access to numerous amount of potential buyers before a property comes on the market. We are constantly updating database with buyer's information by following calls and building long-term relationships.


A dedicated and well-resourced team of experienced professionals. Our strong sales team has been carefully selected for their experience, local knowledge, intelligence and proactive approach to property sales. You can expect the best possible result in the shortest time, with a minimum of fuss. We are also very proud that our people are fluent in a number of languages. As such, we are able to directly market all of our properties with a true understanding of our clients' culture and requirements.


Marketing is the key of selling. We have so many ways to yell about your property to as many buyers as we can. We are not only limited to just online marketing, local paper advertisement, brochures and magazines, but also overseas marketing groups and referrals partners.


Our success and market leadership is testament to our extensive knowledge of the local property market. This intimate knowledge is used to provide quality advice and insight to all our clients.


With strong global connections, we also provide access to marketing channels in overseas markets. This completes our competitive edge and allows us to provide a real estate experience that is second to none.


Finally, integrity being one of our core values, we believe that nothing should be "hidden". We are proud to say our business growth results from a majority of clients referring us to their friends and families not only because of our excellence but also trust.